Payment Methods

In our online store, you will be able to use different options to make payments:

Credit CardsPayments with Credit Card. The payments with credit card, are always made through a contributed secure server for the own bank entity, reason why nobody, not even us, will be able to consent to the data of your card. (If this option was not available, to use Paypal)
PaypalPayments with Paypal. The payments made with Paypal, are one of the payment systems more used worldwide. You will open an account in Paypal, (financial entity with secure serer), where they will request you the data and starting from opening this account you will be able to make the payments in most of stores of Internet, only indicating your email. 
MoneyBank Deposit. You will make the previous deposit of the amount of your order in the account that will indicate you the system and one time we receive it we will make arrive you your order. 
CheckSend of Check. You will make arrive us a bank check for the amount of your order, if the payment is made from another country, the check will have international value. Once received and charged your check, we will make arrive you your order. 
FreeIn the event of acquiring a product of gratuitous discharge, you will make it independently of the rest of products, since this way will appears you the option of payment "Free Payment" that will allow you once completed the order, to discharge the product directly. 


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